Welcome to CDM Retreats

CRMRC is dedicated to extending the length of sobriety of persons seeking help from alcohol and drugs.  We believe that building strong recovery groups is the foundation of an individuals’ long-term sobriety.  Through our experience, we have found that retreats focused on the 12-steps of recovery are critical to building strong groups.  Strong groups are the foundation of individual recovery.

The Need

CDMRC is dedicated to providing recovery-only retreat centers.  Although there are many retreat centers throughout the world, most are organized and managed by religious groups.  Although well intentioned, we have found the currently available retreat centers seriously lacking.  Many alcoholics and addictions are who seek a more meaningful recovery experience find the available retreat centers lacking, and are “turned off” by the venue and proprietors of the retreat centers.

Our Service

CDMRC operates and promotes long-term recovery through strong groups.   Our board of directors and advisory board have been running sober retreats for over 28 years.  We have found that groups with an annual retreat are significantly stronger than groups without an annual retreat.   The benefit is that our members have dramatically longer average sobriety than other groups.  


We want to promote what we have learned.  We know from experience the following:

  •  Individuals who suffer from addiction need strong support from local groups.
  •  Strong groups have members with long-term sobriety (typically over ten year’s abstinence).
  •  Strong groups are formed through annual or semiannual gathering – typically retreats where long-term personal bonds are formed.
  •  Alcoholics and addicts have strong emotions regarding religious groups and or churches.   They desire and feel better at facilities where they can discuss issues without possibility of criticism or rebut.
  • Proprietors, organizers, and managers of retreat centers are usually not recovered alcoholics or addicts.  Therefore, they know little of the emotional and spiritual needs of the afflicted.   They are not educated in the recovery process.
  • Member-led retreats create strong bonds and accountability within the groups.  When the retreats are member-led, the groups are made stronger through bonds that are shared between fellows with similar problems.






This web site is dedicated to educating the community.  You will find retreat formats that work and best practices for running retreats for sober communities.